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Who We Serve

Providing sustainably manufactured, patented wholesale mops and branding services to International distributors for over a decade.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Award-winning and certified sustainable manufacturing processes, chemical free microfiber mop pads, patented professional mop systems, and most recently disposable mop pads made from recycled plastic bottles.

Seamless Client Support Process

We are proud to provide the highest quality mops to our wholesale distributors in a stress-free process that includes competitive shipping, branding services, and a quality control guarantee of satisfaction.

Professional Branding

Save money and combine services with receiving our wholesale mops professionally packaged with your logo and message. See our featured example on our homepage of how we designed Woodwise mop packaging.

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Innovation Creation is InterTek green certified microfiberInterTek Sustainability ReportĀ 

Microfiber Mop Pad Receives Highest Green Rating

Innovation Creation LTD, Wholesale Supplier of the highest certified level of sustainable professional microfiber mop pads, recycled disposable mop pads, and wholesale mop systems.

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