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Innovation Creation specializes in microfiber cleaning supplies with its own manufacturing facility in China. We are one of the only microfiber manufacturing global facilities that owns and controls processes for every stage of production – so we can guarantee the highest quality and environmental responsibility since 2007.

Innovation Creation Founder, Laura Wu

Laura Wu, Innovation Creation Founder Sustainable Wholesale Mop ManufacturerLaura Wu lived in the USA 15 years ago when microfiber cloth emerged in the United States. Laura was thrilled by the new fabric technology performance for cleaning.

Upon return to China, Laura leveraged her background in manufacturing to found Innovation Creation, combining excellence in quality wholesale supplier cleaning products with sustainability values. Innovation Creation emerged as a leader in high quality, professional microfiber cleaning cloths, microfiber mop pads and commercial mop systems with attachments, wholesale cleaning manufacturers from China.

Innovation Creation Leadership at Global Trade Shows

IC Create Founder at Mop Trade Show
Laura Wu educating mop trade show guests
Trade show demo of Wholesale Mop Manufacturing materials

Innovation Creation was Created to be the Best Quality and Environmental Mop Wholesale Direct Provider

It’s not hard to find microfiber suppliers nowadays through Internet from China or shows, but most Chinese wholesale direct manufacturers don’t have global experience and understanding of the purchasing values that the USA consumer wants.

  • We provide the die-cut design for our customer to save them time & money to figure out on their own  or hire professionals.
  • Quick print mock-up takes only 2 weeks.
  • We delight our wholesale purchasers with quality mop kit retail brand design packaging in addition to their purchase and shipping. This way, they provide their consumer a quality product at a better price while fairly compensating their overhead.

Reliable Quality

Innovation Creation emerged as a leader in high quality microfiber mop pads and microfiber cleaning cloth, sustainably manufactured 10 years ago when microfiber was cheap and made with chemicals. It deteriorated quickly requiring resupply and filling landfills.

Demand quickly grew for quality cloth that endures without contributing to environmental waste. Innovation Creation exceeded this goal by manufacturing without industry-standard toxins in competitor brands.


Even quality brands may not offer environmental  manufacturing accountability like our third party InterTek microfiber mop pad certification.

Manufacturing transparency and quality control is our creed in our factory and labs (no child labor!)

Even sustainably manufactured products only compete if the cleaning result meets or exceeds household and cleaning company standards. We are proud to be innovators that exceed the status quo with our “one strike” test.


As of 2020, Innovation Creation competes with Swiffer disposable mop pad mops – with superior cleaning quality from a mop pad made from 1 recycled plastic bottle!

Unlike other disposable mop pads, our mop pad can be rinsed and reused multiple times before disposal, furthering the economic and environmental efficiency of our disposable mop pad from recycled plastic bottles.

This exceeds current criteria standards for eco-cleaning while remaining a fair wholesale supplier price and shipping for the USA market.

Innovation Creation Philanthropy Program "100 Mops!"

Laura Wu shares how Innovation Creation created 100 Mops philanthropy initiative to support moms returning to the workforce as a cleaning business with a free start up product kit.

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