The Innovation Creation Microfiber Quality, Sustainability, and Philanthropy Difference

Our mission is to produce innovative microfiber products that complement the environment, promote efficiency and facilitate a lifestyle that exhibits quality and value, at an affordable price.

Laura Wu, President Innovation Creation

Innovation Creation specializes in microfiber cleaning supplies with its own manufacturing facility in China. We are one of the only microfiber manufacturing global facilities that owns and controls processes for every stage of production – so we can guarantee the highest quality and environmental responsibility since 2007.

Our microfiber quality and innovation design helps make cleaning fun, fast and easy. Our patented, award-winning microfiber mop pad and Click-It Mop system is suitable for commercial and residential cleaning.

Our core values are simple but powerful: We improve the world by working together with trust, integrity and honesty.

100 Mops 2017 Women’s Empowerment Program

Innovation Creation philanthropy supports non-profit empowerment of disenfranchised women through financial and product contribution!

Innovation Creation Microfiber has tested all our products with Intertek Lab for chemical safety. All color fastness needs to reach 4-5 with 5 the highest degree, so no color bleeding if washed right.

Most importantly, we test for heavy metals including 10 kinds found in microfiber including Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, etc. And we also test Animes, which is detergent used in dying fabric, to make the color brighter and last longer. Excessive Animes is linked to causing cancer, we test our Microfiber products to ensure Animes is highly forbidden.

Choose Innovation Creation Microfiber to enjoy safe and efficient cleaning in your home with peace of mind.