Today I spoke with a new customer who was interested in purchasing aluminum commercial mop base. We recommended a new style – slim and light. over the old traditional style — really heavy and thick. Most people assume thicker seems sturdier, but in reality, thinner one works more efficient. Below are the key benefits of thin aluminum mop base for commercial cleaning: Light weight base is easier to use: when using 24” mop base, or even bigger, 36”, if the mop base itself is too heavy, to clean 8 hours a day is not heavy job. Wet mop pads also Read More

Laura Wu, founder of Innovation Creation Microfiber shares a quick tip for one-wipe strategy with MicroKing 16 x 16 microfiber cleaning cloth. Demonstrating with a water spill, fold your microfiber cleaning cloth three times and swipe the water quickly, not slowly. With MicroKing microfiber, the water is completely absorbed in one stroke. The same amount of water spill wiped with a store brought microfiber cloth pushed the water across the table and left a  visible moisture streak on the table. Laura Wu advises to check your microfiber cleaning cloths at home to test the quality of what you’ve paid for. Read More

Microfiber cleaning clothes are quite common in each household and well applied in commercial cleaning. The price can be as cheap as $18.89 for 50pk ($0.38 each) v.s. $6 for 1pc. What makes such big difference? The cheaper microfiber clothes compete on price sold by bulk quantity,  typically 50pack. The cheaper microfiber cleaning clothes may be a generic or not well-known brand, competing on price rather than brand  reputation or quality. The branded microfiber doesn’t just compete with marketing but often invested in lab tests and third party certifications to prove quality. The basic way a customer can compare is Read More

When people refer “Green Cleaning” in Microfiber, because by using Microfiber, less chemical is needed. Most people neglect the fact the product itself needs to be “Green”. How to identify if your Microfiber is real “Green”. Below is main factors that a real “Green” Microfiber need to be tested. Most consumers are not familiar with these technical words, but are aware of the side-effects. 1. Detection of Amines Detection limit is 5 ppm (ppm=parts per million=mg/kg) Harm if overdose: Some low molecular weight amines, such as ethylamine, can be adsorbed through the skin, which will produce irritant to the skin, Read More

Microfiber was one of the greatest cleaning innovations in the last 100 years. Due to the thin splitting fiber, it traps dust debris, not pushing it from point A to point B. So much marketing is put into cleaning products, yet the quality of your microfiber contributes to how well it will clean. Quality also determines how long it will last, and how it’s made impacts the chemicals invited into your home and your environment upon disposal. How to evaluate microfiber quality? When quantity equals quality – plush thread count. Our towels are the thickest towel you can find on market. Hold Read More