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How Green Is Your Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Or Mop Pad?

How Green is your Microfiber Cleaning Cloth or Mop Pad?

When people refer to “Green Cleaning” in Microfiber, because by using Microfiber, less chemical is needed. Most people neglect the fact the product itself needs to be “Green”.

How to identify if your Microfiber is real “Green”. Below is main factors that a real “Green” Microfiber need to be tested. Most consumers are not familiar with these technical words, but are aware of the side-effects.

1. Detection of Amines

Detection limit is 5 ppm (ppm=parts per million=mg/kg)

Harm if overdose: Some low molecular weight amines, such as ethylamine, can be adsorbed through the skin, which will produce irritant to the skin, respiratory tract, eyes etc. and even carcinogenic risk. Many high molecular weight amines are usually biologically active.

2. Alkylphenol (AP) and Alkyphenol Ethoxylates (APEO) Content

Detection limit is 10mg/kg

Harm if overdose: AP and APEO will result in the endocrine dyscrasia, especially for the genital system, and therefore cause the reduction of reproductive ability.

3. Extractable Heavy Metals

Harm if overdose: The extractable heavy metals can be adsorbed through the skin and accumulate in the human body, which will produce serious damage to body organs, such as, the liver, cardiac, skeleton, etc., especially for children.

4. Trichlorophenol (TriCP) Content

Detection limit=0.05mg/kg

Harm if overdose: TriCP can be adsorbed through the skin and produce irritant to the skin, respiratory tract, eyes etc.

5. Tetrachlorophenol (TeCP) Content

Detection Limit =0.05mg/kg

Harm if overdose: TeCP will produce irritant to the skin, respiratory tract, eyes etc., and result in obvious damage to the nervous system.

6. Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Content

Detection Limit=0.05mg/kg

Harm if overdose: PCP can be adsorbed through the skin, which will accumulate in the human body and produce serious risk to human health, especially carcinogenicity and teratogenicity.

7. Formaldehyde Content

Detection Limit=5.0mg/kg

Harm if overdose: Formaldehyde can produce serious irritant to the skin, respiratory mucosa, central nervous system and especially the ocular organs. Moreover, formaldehyde can combine with the amino groups of protein, and therefore disturb the cellular metabolism and produce severe impair to human cells, even lead to cancerization.

Use “ Real Green” Microfiber to get a healthy environment.

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Laura Wu is the founder and President of Innovation Creation LTD, innovative and sustainable products and manufacturing in China, with an office in Denver CO and 2-day free US shipping with Amazon Prime.

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