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How To Recognize Microfiber Quality

How to Recognize Microfiber Quality

Microfiber cleaning clothes are quite common in each household and well applied in commercial cleaning. The price can be as cheap as $18.89 for 50pk ($0.38 each) v.s. $6 for 1pc. What makes such big difference?

The cheaper microfiber clothes compete on price sold by bulk quantity,  typically 50pack.

The cheaper microfiber cleaning clothes may be a generic or not well-known brand, competing on price rather than brand  reputation or quality. The branded microfiber doesn’t just compete with marketing but often invested in lab tests and third party certifications to prove quality.

The basic way a customer can compare is to check the microfiber cloth weight – the heavier or thicker improves quality for a nominal extra expense per cloth in a wholesale microfiber batch.

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