Laura Wu, founder of Innovation Creation Microfiber shares a quick tip for one-wipe strategy with MicroKing 16 x 16 microfiber cleaning cloth.

Demonstrating with a water spill, fold your microfiber cleaning cloth three times and swipe the water quickly, not slowly. With MicroKing microfiber, the water is completely absorbed in one stroke.

The same amount of water spill wiped with a store brought microfiber cloth pushed the water across the table and left a  visible moisture streak on the table.

Laura Wu advises to check your microfiber cleaning cloths at home to test the quality of what you’ve paid for. If your cloths don’t perform and you’d like to learn more about good quality microfiber cleaning cloths, please visit our MicroKing Microfiber Cleaning cloth page.

Click the video to see our one-minute microfiber cleaning cloth demo.


Laura Wu is the founder and President of Innovation Creation LTD, innovative and sustainable products and manufacturing in China, with an office in Denver CO and 2-day free US shipping with Amazon Prime.

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