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Microfiber Quality Determines Cleaning Performance

Microfiber Quality Determines Cleaning Performance

Microfiber was one of the greatest cleaning innovations in the last 100 years. Due to the thin splitting fiber, it traps dust debris, not pushing it from point A to point B.

So much marketing is put into cleaning products, yet the quality of your microfiber contributes to how well it will clean.

Quality also determines how long it will last, and how it’s made impacts the chemicals invited into your home and your environment upon disposal.

How to evaluate microfiber quality?

When quantity equals quality – plush thread count. Our towels are the thickest towel you can find on market. Hold up cheap microfiber and you can see light come through the cloth. IC-Create microfiber towels exceed the 300GSM commercial  janitorial standard, which you can’t see though.

We manufacture our plush microfiber towels with much longer fibers on one side, creating an extremely soft microfiber product that also picks up more dirt and absorb more water.

Quality microfiber cloth is also determined by how well the fiber got split during dying process. Each microfiber yarn is made of 72 strands, each strands is as thin as 150denier only. The magic happens in dying process, when heated up to 200 degrees, the split fiber should look asterisk under magnification.

The structure traps and retains the dirt and also absorb liquids. So the combination of quality dying pigment and strict-controlled dying process are key to the success of split fiber. Non-spilt microfiber is little more than a very soft cloth.

On the market today, cheap microfiber is made in pre-dyed yarn to save dying cost in order to compete on price, so the absorption and dusting ability is quite low – while leeching harmful chemicals in the cloth due to cheaper manufacturing shortcuts, only to end up in our landfills within a very short lifecycle use before purchasing more cheap cloths and continuing the cycle.

Innovation Creation proudly uses dying pigment Daystar from Germany for all our Microfiber products, strictly following SOP regulations for optimal timing.

Lastly, choose Innovation Creation safe and green microfiber cleaning cloths and our luxury microfiber towels over chemical-polluted microfiber. 


Laura Wu is the founder and President of Innovation Creation LTD, innovative and sustainable products and manufacturing in China, with an office in Denver CO and 2-day free US shipping with Amazon Prime.

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