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Brands We Manufacture Mops and Design Packaging 


What we do for Bona, we can do for you!


Bona has been our printing manufacturer customer for over 8 years. Bona updates their retail design every few years. Bona’s impressive retail brand packaging contributes to online sales like Amazon compared to competitor packaging. Our projects are overseen by project manager to at each printing production to guarantee quality for our customers.

Bona is a global company and we are directly involved with their marketing in the USA, China, and Europe. From messaging to retail brand packaging, we also “drop test” our retail package to ensure it will withstand certain pressure over long-distance shipment.


Woodwise became a customer through a recommendation from another customer. When we met at a tradeshow, they had a 2 piece telescopic pole which was cumbersome to ship. The mop pad was cotton terrycloth. They were wrapping their product in clear cellophane for their customers.

We revised their product into a 4 piece connecting steel mop handle, 38cm which is standard length and greatly reduces cost of shipping. The biggest improvement was changing the mop pad to quality microfiber mop pad. Lastly, we created a die cut retail brand packaging for the customer, drastically improving the quality, brand perception, and mop sales for Woodwise.

Smart Microfiber

Smart Microfiber is recognized as the top 3 most popular cleaning brands in Sweden. For over 10 years, we have been manufacturing and supplying their quality microfiber cleaning cloths and products.

Every year, our engineers help develop and improve designs on a select, popular cleaning tool. Since cleaning products like mops are irregularly shaped for retail brand packaging, we also support the new design for their product launch.

In Sweden, customers like to show the complete cleaning tool. When we created a new design for an innovative spray mop 6 years ago, we also need to conceptualize improved packaging. To keep the improved and stronger spray mop tool in shape, we opted to use a better but more expensive, imported craft board for its heavy thickness that would protect the spray mop and improve the quality of packaging for their customer.

The result was better brand perception, with fewer customer complaints or return of the product.

Smart Microfiber hired us to improve their duster retail brand packaging. We created an oval curve shape package. The new packaging increased sales and differentiated their duster from competitor brands with dated packaging.


QVC is Innovation Creation customer since 2008

With today’s technology, it’s not difficult to communicate worldwide. Innovation Creation has been supplying Don Aslett on QVC since 2008, which required developing products every 6 months.

Innovation Creation produced two new items during that time.  Our cleaning products ranked #1 on QVC with Don Aslett brand even during the economic crisis of 2008-2009.

I communicated with our customer by phone call and e-mail without any misunderstanding or delay in project development.

All our customers receive dedicated relationship managers, ensuring our guarantee for the highest quality cleaning mops and microfiber products, sustainably manufactured, on time and on budget.

Email Laura to learn more about our no-pressure, easy step process to sustainabily manufacture, ship, and brand your cleaning supply chain.

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