Discover SassySoft Luxury Microfiber Plush Body and Soft Face Towels

Unique pattern brings a taste of luxury and classy. Silky Satin Border shows the endless efforts on details.

The light and fluffy material has long fibers that are split at the end. This increased surface area allows it to dry you off quickly, but it also makes it extra soft to the touch. You’ll like how it works, but you’ll love how it feels.

The amazing material makes this towel work great, but it is also highly durable. Use it day after day, and wash it hundreds of times without it wearing out or losing any ability. It will work and look like new for years to come.

Although it feels thick and fluffy, and is able to soak up loads of water, this towel is extremely lightweight when compared to other options. It’s perfect for people that prefer to avoid wrestling with bulky bath towels, but it’s also ideal for anyone using it for travel, backpacking, the gym or camping.

The high tech microfiber material is a premium grade fabric with an extra plush finish. The surface is packed with fibers, and each one is split to create even more surface area. When in contact with moisture, the advanced material will suck it up like a vacuum. You will be able to dry off faster, and the towel will hold more water than similar version of the same size.

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