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Sustainable Manufacturing Lab

Our state of the art factory lab includes test equipment. This is how we test and maintain high standards verified by Innotek third party certification.

Example: our material check machine and water absorption check machine verifies our microfiber cleaning cloth pressure strength.

We can test our innovative fine mist spray mop which will over 10,000 times. Our retail branding packaging division tests the final package for weight and pressure strength. We test our floor cleaner polybag for leakage.

We also have a performance test department which tests our products on different floors such as hardwood and tile. We even test all our mop systems on a mirror surface on the floor to see if our mop pads leave lint or streaks while cleaning.

As  founder of Innovation Creation with a background in manufacturing, susainability, and cleaning products; I created a method of “One Strike” to support our company vision of creating the most effective cleaning mops and microfiber cleaning products that are non-toxic.

Our mission is to create a clean surface in “one strike” or “one swipe.” We test our microfiber cleaning cloth to see how clean can only pass achieve, without water or lint left behind. The same stringent standards apply to our microfiber mop pads as with our microfiber cleaning cloths.

Quality Control Guarantee

Innovation Creation can guarantee quality because we oversee full life cycle production – from the raw material that arrives at our factory to the finished product. All our microfiber mop pads and cleaning cloths are made Grade-A microfiber material without toxic chemicals.  for microfiber.

Our machine batch processes like plastic injection and material weaving is monitored by each batch for uniform production.

The greatest challenge is hiring and retaining skilled factory workers. Our procedure charts illustrate each process demonstration and standard for our proprietary products. Our corporate culture rewards employees who contribute their innovation to improve efficiency and job satisfaction.

This is how our philanthropy initiative began 3 years ago called “100 Mops.” Every year Innovation Creation donates our eco-friendly mops, mop pads, and microfiber cleaning cloths to disadvantaged women-owned entrepreneur cleaning companies.

Our Three Divisions of Service: Product Inception, Sustainable Manufacturing, Retail Brand Packaging and Delivery

Our engineers can create prototypes for new products.

Just as we created new, best selling cleaning products for QVC, let us help improve or innovate your product!

Have your own product? We can design your retail packaging with your brand.

Mock ups are sent within 2 weeks! We also provide die-cut package design and retail package printing. A short video and photos are sent for customer’s final approval and purchase order.

Buy our proven, eco-friendly mop and mop pads to use or resell!

Receive our samples to test for yourself.

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