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Microfiber Deluxe Professional Mop

Why a Thinner Mop base is Better than a Thick Mop

Today I spoke with a new customer who was interested in purchasing aluminum commercial mop…

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How to Test Quality Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Demo

Laura Wu, founder of Innovation Creation Microfiber shares a quick tip for one-wipe strategy with…

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MicroKing Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloth Vs Lightweight Competition

How to Recognize Microfiber Quality

Microfiber cleaning clothes are quite common in each household and well applied in commercial cleaning.…

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Plush MicroKing Microfiber Vs Others

How Green is your Microfiber Cleaning Cloth or Mop Pad?

When people refer to “Green Cleaning” in Microfiber, because by using Microfiber, less chemical is…

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