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Why A Thinner Mop Base Is Better Than A Thick Mop

Why a Thinner Mop base is Better than a Thick Mop

Today I spoke with a new customer who was interested in purchasing aluminum commercial mop base. We recommended a new style – slim and light. over the old traditional style — really heavy and thick.

Most people assume thicker seems sturdier, but in reality, thinner one works more efficient. Below are the key benefits of thin aluminum mop base for commercial cleaning:

  1. Light weight base is easier to use: when using 24” mop base, or even bigger, 36”, if the mop base itself is too heavy, to clean 8 hours a day is not heavy job. Wet mop pads also add weight. Lighter aluminum mop is easy to Swift around. Take 18” aluminum mop base for example, the old style weights 345g, the thin one weights 245g
  1. Thinner aluminum mop base can easily clean under the door, shelf or furniture. You don’t’ have to bent over to clean with cloth or move furniture around anymore. The thin aluminum base is only 4mm in thickness, while the old one is 10mm.
  1. Connector is much stronger, not easily break. The connector on new thin base is made in industrial plastic. And the structure designed more scientific than thick one. In proportion to the thick aluminum mop base,
  1. Velcro on the mop base is replaceable in thin aluminum mop base. The high quality aluminum bae can last for at least 3 years, all you need is to replace the Velcro under the base, making better value for the price.

Experience our thinner aluminum mop base for highly efficient cleaning without wearing yourself out.  Contact us for a sample. Innovation Creations produces over over 2 million pieces of high quality microfiber pads and half millions mop kits for high-end stores per year. To consult more about best microfiber mop, please contact


Laura Wu is the founder and President of Innovation Creation LTD, innovative and sustainable products and manufacturing in China, with an office in Denver CO and 2-day free US shipping with Amazon Prime.

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